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mage processing   Detail enhancement, super enhancement, spatial display,anti-color, contrast stretch, partial enhancement, pseudo colorImage enlarge Optionally scan parts, continuous zoom, magnification of 1-32 timeImage storage Automatic storage, Select the storage , Image retrieval ,Format conversion (bmp , jpeg ,tiff and so on)USB interface makes your imaging external storage easilyUser management   User rights management add or delete user's account, operation privilege setting.Auxiliary management   Time and date, people counting, working chronograph, operation log, maintenance & diagnose ,X-ray beam TimerOthers  Photograph, suspect information inputting, video recording Main Features of the body security anti-th...
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发布时间: 2014 - 04 - 21
Technical specifications   Electric current: 220V Power:   Outer frame: 2200mm(h)X800mm(w)X500mm(d) Outer frame : 2010mm(h)X700mm(w)X500mm(d)   Weight : about 70kg work envionment : -20℃- +45℃   Complied standards: GB15210-94         Function and characteristics: Six detecting area: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertain the location of the metal articles Alarm area indication: LED indicator lamps are built in the side of every alarm zone. Thus, it is more obvious and accurate to indicate the position where the metal article locates on the people. Adjustable area sensitive: The maximum sensitivity can detect such metal as small as a clip . With a sensitivity range of 0-256, the detector can exclude jewelry, buckle...
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XLD-B  8zone(16zone,24zone)position data metal detector door(LCD)

XLD-B 8zone(16zone,24zone)position data metal detector door(LCD)

上市日期: 2014-04-22

electric sourceAC100V~240V/50HZ power:<30w

the weight of entire machineabout 70kg.

working environment-25- +45


Feature character

·display panel it adapt 5.7 inch LCD LCD screen display.

·boot-strap automatic examine functionwhen you boot-strapthe system will automatic examine and diagnose circulate of working station is in gear or not. when the system is in troublet

The display screen will automatic display the contents of failure.

Operation of systemChinese/English menu selective function computer long-distance unite

Net operate mode data mainframe panel figure operate modeinfrared remote control figure

Operate modethe user can select single and multi of operate modefriendly mutual people and c

Computer operate interface windows style.
detector zone position 8/10 zone position detector according to multi-distributing of metal objects .and it can alarming in multi zone position at the same timeand you can judge the

position of metal objects.
the feature of zone positionyou can the basic structure of human body to carve up the detector zone of metal detector doorand adapt net mutual overlap shape of detector methodsand eliminate
weak zone and blind zone and adapt single frequency to inspire the technique form very even of magnetic density within the detector zone penetrability is strong .the sensitivity of detector is strong and the feature is stable.

The sensitivity of adjustment every detector zone can t the sensitivity of adjustment of 300

Class.the using mode of 3 sorts of different grounds.the most highest sensitivity can detector

Clip big and small of metal you can adjust automatically sensitivity of adjustment between 0-256

you can beforehand Set the weight big and smallparts of metal objects or wipe off coins keysjewelries and clasp of straps and so on mistake alarming.

Anti-disturb featureit adapts advanced mutual mode of launch and receive and adapt temperature
and humidity automatically detector and tracking of compensated technique. It is adapt to different

Environment and climates. It is obvious to improve the ability of anti-disturb.
The feature of security it adapts password to double layer of protection it is only the beneficiary
people to operate it. and the feature of security is higher. And it possess when the user inadvertent setting will lead the system is in trouble .if you want to resume leave factory setting functionyou should adapt without discontinuous the system of electric source protection. stand-alone can supply

Electric source for more than an hourwhen you cut off the electric sourcethe system possess protection

Function of parameterselective collocationthe electric source of whole machine emit hot function will be better for the heart pacemaker. pregnant woman. Magnetism floppy disk and magnetic tape without


Unit net functionUnit net adapts RS485 interface of distance will reach 3000M sphereand it can

parallel connection 20 sets of doors and using the collocated and specialized PC machine software

·and it can realize the distance-remote parameter setting/inquire functionentirely master the working station of detector door can carry out remote-distance .video monitor collocated suit system and alarming

Image real time snatch and take pictures function.selective collocation

Account figure functionintelligentized customer flux and alarming and account figure functionand it can automatic stat the passed people amount and alarming times.

waterproof design it adapts importer waterproof composed fibre materialthrough exact machining 

And craftwork execution composed.

Application grounds

Objects examine fields of violated objects examine fields and security examine of channels of

Airdromes all sorts of assembly rooms large-scale activities stationsdocksentermaint grounds

Prisonscorts and governments and so on important departments. factoriesexamination roomsmarketplaces




8zone16zone,24zoneposition data metal detector door
to carry full-scale improvement at the base of 6 zone position metal detector door
and research

8 zones data metal detector doorand adapt complete software control technique of security doorand thoroughly change the feedback of original hardware control .the detector sensitive is high and the feature is more stable. And the display is more correctand possess the human

Character and so on .

 ·technique parameter 

·electric sourceAC100V~240V/50HZ power:<30w
·the weight of entire machineabout 70kg.

·working environment-25- +45
alarming the fast and slow of sound adjustment can differentiate the big and small of metal  

Objectsthe alarming volume can be set into high low and without three kinds of modelsand it adapts to use in different grounds choice. The left and right of door pole all can directly display alarming zone position through LED solid pole light. And correctly display the violate ban of objects are hided corresponding height of human body.

Satisfy standard GB15210-2003

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2018 - 02 - 07
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Technical specifications   Electric current: 220V Power:   Outer frame: 2200mm(h)X800mm(w)X500mm(d) Outer frame : 2010mm(h)X700mm(w)X500mm(d)   Weight : about 70kg work envionment : -20℃- +45℃   Complied standards: GB15210-94         Function and characteristics: Six detecting area: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertain ...
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