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XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

上市日期: 2014-04-22

Detection Zone: 5 Zones (6 zones is optional)

Detection Range: 50-90cm

Detection Height: 180-200cm

Weight: 35KG/SET

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones



LCD display

Boot self-check function

After booting, the system will automatically diagnose to confirm if the equipment running condition is normal or not.

(2) System failure content will automatically display if there is a breakdown.

Operating system

Chinese/English menu option

Passing speed

The detection speed can be adjusted from the fastest 100 persons / minute(custom detection speed adjustment).

Background light time

0-99s. Display time can be continuous adjustable


Display of year, month, day, minute.

Detection zones

5 detection zones

Alarm indication

(1) 1-25 s alarm time, 255 volumes can be adjusted continuously.

(2) LED light alarming zone directly and accurately shows the location of prohibited body hidden item in corresponding height.

Sensitivity adjustment

(1) 255 sensitivity levels can be adjusted for homogeneous detection zones(three usage modes in different occasions.

Performance of anti-jamming

(1) Adopt temperature and humidity automatically detecting and tracking compensation technology, to adapt to different environments and climates to significantly improve the anti-interference ability.

(2) Adjustable  frequency, range from 4Khz to 8 Khz, to overcome outside interference by same frequency products.

Safety performance

(1) Adopt double protection passwords, only allow authorized personnel to operate, with higher security.

(2) With factory setting restoring function in case of system errors caused by inadvertent operation by users.

(3) Adopting uninterrupted power supply protection system, power battery lasts for 2-8 hours, the system has protection function for parameters (optional).

(4) The power supply, at the bottom of the door, 12 v low voltage power supply, can be controlled by the operation panel, moisture-proof, waterproof and heat- dissipated.

(5) Harmless to apparatus of cardiac pacing in human body, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes, etc

Dry Contact

Able to work with access control systems

Tally function

Intelligent traffic counting and alarm functions, automatically statistics of the amount of pass and the number of alarms.

Operation place

Application: airports, places of entertainment, courts, etc.)

Power supply

Input AC85V ~ 264 v / 50-60 hz, adapter 12 v, power supply output current 3 a


20 w, low power consumption, low radiation


2000 mm (height) X400mm (widty) X120mm (thickness

Detection distance




Operating environment

-20℃- +45℃


-With Inspection report by the Ministry of Public Security. 

-With registered trademark.

-With appearance patent and utility model patent, no involve the use of intellectual property disputes.

-Harmless to pregnant women and magnetic medium floppy disks, tapes, video, etc. conforming to 'GB15210-2003'.

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1 piece.

2. What is the lead time?

3-5days after T/T payment, for other products please contact us for details.

3. What is the payment term?

The payment term is T/T ,L/C before shipment.

4: How does your company and factory do regarding quality control?

Every products will be detected after producing and approved by ISO9001 certificate.

XLD-H (MONO) 5 zones

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2014 - 04 - 22
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