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XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

上市日期: 2018-01-12

RTJC51 humanbody security detection system is designed to meet the needs of worldwide anti-terrorism, combating smuggling, and enhance the security protection in airport, railway station, shipping terminals, convention centers, government agencies, large stadium and border crossings, etc. It can quickly and accurately detect whether people is with or withoutguns, explosives, knives, drugs and other contraband.

The basic work principle of it is:specific wave transmitter can launch a kind ofspecific wavelength wave, which can penetrate human body, detect & analyze all the objects the people carried and displaying their character, size, shape on the screen, with a maximum limit to provide timely and accurate information to the security staffin shortest of time, to guarantee local peace and harmony.

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scannerXLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

Technical Specification:

Wire display  40AWG (0.0787mm)

Spatial resolution 1.0mm

Display 24' LCD

Time per inspection  <3s, superior to industry standard of 7-8s

Moving pavement speed 0.2m/s

Detecting dose <0.05-0.2µGy, suitable for general usage

Operating Environment

Ambient temperature range 0~ 104F

Relative humidity range 0~80%

Atmospheric pressure range 86KPa~106KPa

Installation Data

Power <1000W

Voltage 180V-240V

Frequency 50Hz/60Hz

Weight 1000kg

External dimension 2600 x2450 x2600mm

Moving pavement dimension 2600 x520 x200mm

Operating temperature 0-104F

Storage temperature -4-140F

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

Image processing   

Detail enhancement, super enhancement, spatial display,anti-color, contrast stretch, partial enhancement, pseudo color

Image enlarge Optionally scan parts, continuous zoom, magnification of 1-32 time

Image storage

Automatic storage, Select the storage , Image retrieval ,Format conversion (bmp , jpeg ,tiff and so on)

USB interface makes your imaging external storage easily

User management   

User rights management add or delete user's account, operation privilege setting.

Auxiliary management   

Time and date, people counting, working chronograph, operation log, maintenance & diagnose ,X-ray beam Timer


Photograph, suspect information inputting, video recording

 XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

Main Features of the body security anti-thief detection system:

1. Detecting the full ranges

body security anti-thief detection system can inspect the foreign matter concealed inside or outside of human body, but X backscatter and millimeter wave detector can only inspect the foreign matter and metal concealed outside of human body.

2. Protection of personal privacy body security anti-thief detection system uses mini dose of x-ray radiation technology without showing human privacy, but X backscatter detectors and millimeter-wave detectors show human privacy, a definite invasion of privacy.

3. High inspection efficiency

Time per inspection of body security anti-thief detection system needs less than 2 seconds, but inspection times of other various brands need more than 10 seconds. Body security anti-thief detection system is suitable for places with a large flow of people to detect uninterruptedly, but other detectors do not have this function.

4. Inspection of low dose NB

Dose per inspection is less than 0.05

5. The Lowest inspection dose of body security anti-thief detection system closely approximate to natural radiation

6. Customized service

Customized products are accepted according to different requirements.


Detecting for enterprises and armies.

Detecting for court, prison, Customs, GOV.

Detecting for entering or exiting mines.

Explosion-proof for detecting contraband at airport, railway station, subway and so on.

Anti-shoplifting for jewelry stores , bank, precious metals.


Packing size:

The moving parts packaging box:L*W*H:2870*970*1335

The source of a packing box:L*W*H:2165*720*2145

Total weight(G. W): 1100kg

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1 piece.

2. What is the lead time?

3-5days after T/T payment, for other products please contact us for details.

3. What is the payment term?

The payment term is T/T ,L/C before shipment.

4: How does your company and factory do regarding quality control?

Every products will be detected after producing and approved by ISO9001 certificate.

XLD-RTJC51 X-ray human body scanner

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