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XLD-1KG-220 Automatic weighing machine

XLD-1KG-220 Automatic weighing machine

上市日期: 2020-07-04

APPLICATIONS: Automatic weighing machine is mainly used for sorting specifications or grades according to weight, such as small packing dry goods, etc., suitable for production dynamic weighing of enterprise assembly line products, testing of product quality and weight, special for inspection of missing parts and accessories in the whole product box, etc., equipped with automatic elimination of unqualified processing and sorting equipment. Customer cases involving printing, chemical, hardware, seafood aquatic products, daily chemical, food fruits and vegetables, involving a wide range of industries, is the enterprise to improve efficiency, reduce the cost of the company's preferred equipment.


Main advantages:

 1. We have close technical cooperation with Mettler-Toledo, the world's leading weighing and metal detection technology.


 2. Built-in self-developed weighing control system, which is stable and reliable


 3. With high-precision digital sensor, high-speed digital double filtering processing, automatic zero tracking function.


4. Unique dynamic weighing anti-jamming correction technology, weighing accuracy and weighing speed are far better than similar products.


5. Default functions for 100 types of products, free switching, user-friendly.


6. Production data report function, keep abreast of production situation. Automatically generate tables and can be exported by U disk.


7. Equipped with RS232、485 communication ports, can transmit data to printer, inkjet printer, plc、pc and other software docking.


8. With stainless steel thickened bearing, strong and durable, especially suitable for harsh environment.


9. Unique shutoff function to prevent damage caused by other process problems caused by symmetrical heavy machine.



Tunnel size(mm)

500mm(W) (MAX)

Conveyor Speed(m/s)

60-80 pcs/min

Conveyor Max Load(KG)


 Buffer section size

400mm (L)*220mm(W)

Weighting section size

400mm (L)*220mm(W)

Remove section size

400mm (L)*220mm(W)

Unit size

1800(L)*620(W)*1280(H) mm

Unit weight


Unit material


Conveyor height(mm)


Motor consumption


Power consumption



1g when the speed is 80-100pcs

 Alarm mode

 Directly remove

Removal device


Belt Speed

30-50 meters

Belt material

 white food grade

Display resolution


Data storage

100 types product



AVIC Survey C3

Operation temperature


Operation Power

220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz           

100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC (optional)

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