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Brief DescriptionXLD-GT303 integrates long-range reader and Infrared transducer. It’s capable of identifying personnel with or without attendance card promptly and accurately. The widest identifying width is up to 120cm. It is widely applied in access control system, such as conference, exhibition, concert, stadium and large manufacturing enterprise.
Details:Adopting international advanced photoelectric sensing technology, main imported components, microcomputer control board.Stable performancef for more than 120 million times. Gate switching time: 1 ~ 15 seconds (can be set ).Technical features: Power: 220vac/50hz Material Description: The main box is made of 1.5mm 8K mirror stainless steel, horizontal pendulum made of ¢ 25 * 1.2mm stainless steel tube, guardrail post of ¢ 60 * 3mm light tubes, chrome-plated, barrier bar of ¢ 38 * 2.0mm stainless steel tube. Returning to eliminate alarm will automaticly recover common use. Can add reverse entrance alarm function and number counting function. The main pillar with holes can be used with guardrails in any combination. Product specification:L2400*W2100*H1170mm
Mainly used for instructing guests in and out, to prevent customers from being into and out of stores in the wrong direction. Material Description: The mechanical door spindle sleeve is made of ¢ 89 * 4.5mm seamless pipe, the main pillar of ¢ 60 * 3mm of light tubes, chrome-plated. Horizontal pendulum of ¢ 25 * 1.2mm stainless steel tube.Telescopic measurements can be 2000MM-2400MM-conditioning
Mainly used for instructing and controling guests in and out, especially for supermarket checkout or inward and outward channels.Locking type in & out gate under 360o yaw rotation, can be locked at 90o or open bar, so stores can open or close the crowd in & out.In case of emergency situation, it can be reverse-open with 200N power.Material description: the mechanical door spindle sleeve is made of ¢89 * 4.5 mm seamless tube, and the main pillar, 60 ¢* 3 mm light tube, chromium plating surface.The applicable standard size is 800-1500 mm, can be customized according to the site.The main pillar with holes can be used with guardrails in any combination.Product specifications: L1000 * H1080mm
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