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XLD-EM-05  Smart magnet prevention security apparatus

XLD-EM-05 Smart magnet prevention security apparatus

上市日期: 2014-04-18

Product NameXLD-EM -05 intelligent magnet prevention security instrument

Working voltageAC:220V±20%50Hz

working environment-1040

Detecting height1700mm

Detecting width900(mm)


Application scope:
Applicable to libraries, bookstores, music and all kinds of printed materials and audio-visual products. Magnetic stripes are put in the crevices of books. Good concealment, easy operation and low cost.
Applicable to pharmaceutical supermarket. Putting a 6 cm - 8 cm in the magnetic strip in each pill box, can effectively control the loss of drugs. For aluminum foi, and foil packed drugs, the system has the same protective effect.
Applicable to clothing supermarkets and stores. Putting one magnetic strip in the clothes or clothing box can solve the problem of clothing missing.
Applicable to supermarket, cosmetics shops, food supermarkets, etc. Putting one magnetic strip in the commodity or adhering one magnetic strip on the commodity packaging can achieve the purpose of guarding against theft. For liquid goods, one encapsulation magnetic stripe can be put into the liquid, with good concealment. Mobile phones, MP3 players, mobile hard disks, notebook computers can be effectively protected.

Materialadvanced resin

Magnetic stripe length for detectingCobalt-based magnetic stripe over 5cm 

Weight: single channel34KG, dual-channel 50KG  

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