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XLD-6550 X-ray baggage machine

XLD-6550 X-ray baggage machine

上市日期: 2014-04-17

Tunnel size:650mmW×500mmH

Working voltage:220 VAC(+10%-15%)50±3HZ




30mm steel plate

Single X-ray radiation dose

1mSv /h

Film safety

Ensure the safety of the high-speed film (ASA/ISO 1600).

Working Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative humidity

20%95% (no condensation)

Cooling/working cycle

sealed oil cooling /100%

X-ray sensor

multi energy L photodiode array detector

Image greyscale

409612 bit

Equipment ground

Th device provides a good grounding terminal.

Host noise


Image display

color / black, pseudo-color, edge boost up. image boost up: high penetration, image pullback(20pcs), alarm function, organic matter eliminating,inorganic matter eliminating, picture inversion, saturation scanning, image saving, image search, additional image display box

Scanning of images

Scanning brightness of black and white images, color image saturation scanning, image blocking.

Image magnification

1-9 selective zones, amplificaton of 24816 times.

Image storage

Real-time storing of 10000PCS of images, with image transfer function

Other functions

Date and time display, operator identification number, device dumber, automatical image inserting, working status, image micro-shrink display, Operator identify code, black and white / color image switching, baggage counting & zero clearing, urgently stop and power-on self-diagnose function. X-ray equipment scroll direction change, network interface: system operation and X-ray emission timing, Automatic maintenance tips.


One 17in rectangular plane color display 1280×1024 < 0.28 dot pitch. Field frequency≥75Hz MAX: 100Hz, flicker free, 22 grayscale, in line with MPRII and TCO95 standards. Automatic protection screen.

No matter how to put the goods, they are all perspective, without blind spots or dead angles.

With lead plate shielding in shell, with lead shielding curtains at inlet and outlet.

X-ray indicator light and emergency stop button at inlet and outlet.

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