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XLD-CDJC8-2  Under vehicle safety inspection system

XLD-CDJC8-2 Under vehicle safety inspection system

上市日期: 2014-04-19

Technical indicators:

Vertical resolution of the image; 2048 pixels

Perspective check width: not less than 4.0 meters

speed of a motor vehicle

Effective viewing Angle: not less than 170 °


  Five advantages:

  Product synopsis:

Fixed under vehicle afety inspection system is mainly to detect vehicles, able to quickly accurately find hidden underneath banned items and illegal smuggling, smuggling, check cars faster and more accurate than traditional under vehicle search mirror the , greatly improves the speed of the vehicle safety inspection and accuracy, reduce the investment of human resources.

Areas of application:

1. airports, prisons, customs and other government departments, and large public parking lot entrances, to check if there is a prohibited item in the vehicle.

2. large-scale activities, exhibition entrance for vehicle safety inspection.

3. for at the bottom safety inspection of the vehicles for security, explosion-proof, forces 




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