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XLD-CDJC01 Portable Vehicle bottom Detector Introduction

XLD-CDJC01 Portable Vehicle bottom Detector Introduction

上市日期: 2014-04-19

Weight: 4.5kg

Volume: 1023×149×156mm

Battery capacity: 2200mAH

Output voltage: 912.6v

Power alarm: Battery voltage lower than 10V, buzzer ringing

Operating time: about 7 hours


XLD-CDJC01 Portable Vehicle Bottom Detector System is the latest product pushed out by SHENZHEN XINLIDAHONG TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. Mainly used in inspecting the overall structure of the car bottom, to ensure if the car bottom are illegal changes or hiding suspicoous objects or personnel. It also can be used in the bottom of table, chair, bed, document cabinet and so on. And the place of high platform, pipeline, pipe shaft, the interior of pipe, the interior of camera obscura, in which human body can not reach.

Compared with the similar product in the market, this system has the following prominent advantages:

1. Using high capacity lithium battery power supply, with long service life and battery life is longer than lead-acid batteries, without charging memory and small volume. Our company may according to the customer s requirement to make greater capacity & double battery version of the car bottom detector.

2. Adopted 3.5 or 4 inch high resolution ratio LCD displayer. Power consumption lessthan 10W, in the case of not affect the observation results and prolong the system working hours, 

3. Adopted the wide angle vamera, have wide vision.

4. Based on the excellent design concept, the system adopts two folding structure, the largest open Angle is 175 degrees, can push into 1600mm depth cave to detecting, and it is different from the steel tube frame on the market, the airframe of this product adopt 1.0 mm steel plates forming process, beautiful and lightweight. The operation is labor-saving and simple.

5. With low power alarm functions, intelligence display remaining power and easy inquiry.

Operating temperature:060℃

Rotation angle of camera: 130 degree

Camera type: miniature wide-angle, with infrared night-vision ability

Monitor: color 4 inch TFTLCD

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