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XLD-CDJC06 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

XLD-CDJC06 Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

上市日期: 2014-04-19

Grooss weight: 4.5Kg

Volume: 1023×149×156mm

Battery capacity: 2200mAH

Out voltage: 912.6v

Max working time: about7H

Working temperature: 060℃

Camera rotation angle: 360 degree

Screen: colorful 4 TFT LCD


1. Firstly,please open the lock device, just open the the right locking tap.

2. Adjust the screen to the suitable angle for you.

3. Press the power switch,you will see the video in the screen.

4. Pust it to working aren, for example,under vehicle, cave and so on, you can adjust the brake and move it and so on to detect designated area.

5.If need detect more deep aren,the operator can squat and adjust it to max angle (camera and handle is about in a straight line)


When hearing buzz, it means the power consumption is low,you need charge it in time. You can check charging time according to the battery indicator.


After you finishing detection,please turn off power swith and close it. It will be automadically locked, you just need put it in the bag. It s very easly protable.

4Precautions and Maintenance

It can not work in the rain, or in the ground with lot s water, or it will be caused system short-circum and damage.

During transport,please be careful, in order to avoid damage the component and cause false.

Normally,please do not removee any parts of it by yourself, or you will not get warranty. After use,please use soft cloth dampened

with water to clean the body ,camera,screen and so on.

Low pressure warnning: when power consumption is less than10V, it will buzz. You need charge the battery in time.

Camera type: Micro wide ange camera with infrared night-vision fuchtion

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