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MD-5008 Underground Gold Metal Detector

MD-5008 Underground Gold Metal Detector

上市日期: 2014-04-21

Operating Current: 300mA MAX at MAX Volume

The Detecting Depth (Max): 3-5 Meters

Sensitivity: 35cm for a US(25cent)quarter with meter

Sensitivity : Indication at min, discrimination

Export Packing: 4PCS /Carton 0.1736CBM

Export Packing : (84*31*17cm)

Attachment : battery box and battery bag

Technical Specifications

power Supply: 8pcs 1.5V Batteries in Series

Emitting Frequency: 6.99KHz

Signal Frequency: 437KHz

Indicators: Visual: Lever Meter

Indicators : Sound:2"Speaker or Earphone(Earphone not included)

Function: Disc: Ground BalanceControls

Function: Distinguish Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal

Controls: Disc Control; Ground Balance Control

Controls: Tune Control; Sensitivity control

Controls: Discrimination Control

Controls: Zeroing Control

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