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XLD-II 6 zones

XLD-II 6 zones

上市日期: 2015-12-24

XLD-II 6 zonesXLD-II 6 zones

High sensitivity 6 zones door frame Walk Through Metal Detector for factory XLD-II


Outer frame :


Channel size:

2010mm (H) X700mm (W) X500mm (D)

Weight :

About 80kg

Work environment :

-20- +45℃

Complied standards


Power supply:




Material of panel:

Import synthetic material,moisture and fire proof

Count detecting

Infrared sensor,mechanical anti-interference


255 level ,adjustable


Product Process: 

Using imported synthetic material, once suppressed by the special arts and crafts made of moisture, fire. 

Infrared technology: 

through an infrared sensor, mechanical interference ability. 

Adjustable area sensibility:  

Between the self-regulation can be 0-255 sensitivity, according to the user demands the removal of the actual sensitivity and carried by the body jewelry, belt buckle, metal zipper and so on. The maximum sensitivity can detect metal objects the size of the clip.

Statistical functions:  

Intelligent and Statistics by the number of personnel and alarm times. 

Easy to operate:  

Operation panel for the thin-film panel, high-brightness display panel can directly display alarm area, precise location of the instructions have been exploratory items, and have sound and light alarm simultaneously. 

Password protection:  

Set authorization, password manager, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, which can effectively prevent others to modify the parameters. 

Harmless to human body:  

On the human body, the heart pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes, video tapes and other sound. 

Easy installation:  

XLD Series metal detector gate is a combination of design, easy installation and removal, operating instructions easier to understand. 

 XLD-II 6 zones

XLD-II 6 zones

XLD-II 6 zones

XLD-II 6 zonesXLD-II 6 zonesXLD-II 6 zonesXLD-II 6 zones

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1 piece.

2. What is the lead time?

3-5days after T/T payment, for other products please contact us for details.

3. What is the payment term?

The payment term is T/T ,L/C before shipment.

4: How does your company and factory do regarding quality control?

Every products will be detected after producing and approved by ISO9001 certificate.

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