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XLD-G(LCD)  24 zones intelligent walkthrough metal detector

XLD-G(LCD) 24 zones intelligent walkthrough metal detector

上市日期: 2014-04-22

Power supply: 15VDC

Power: ultra-low power consumption

Dimension: 2230mm(height)X830mm(width)X660mm(depth)

Channel size: 2000mm(heightX750mm(width)X600mm(depth)

Machine weight :about 60kg

Working environment: -28℃- +47℃

(1) Display both in Chinese and English: select corresponding language according to needs.

Power-on self-test: System breakdown content will be displayed automatically when there is a breakdown.

Alarm setting: 1.alarm sound time setting (0.5-9s)

2.alarm LED time setting (0.5-9s)

3.alarm volume setting (0-20 level)

(20 levels of continuous sounds are for adjusting. Sound levels are obvious. When it is setted as “0”, it means turning

off the sound.) 

4.alarm sound tone setting (0-F levels):  (0-7 are Intermittent alarm tones, 8-F are continuous alarm tones, to realize

different alarm sounds for walk-through metal detectors).

Alarm mode: single zone / muti-zone. The same time the alarm can be realized only alarm largest metal zone or alarm at

the same time all the metal area.

Sensitivity: fine tuning, overall sensitivity adjustment for picture area / right and left, convenient intuitive quick.

Intelligently exclude single zone sensitivity (intelligent single defence area excludes detecting objects)

Intelligently exclude muti-zone sensitivity (intelligent whole defence areas exclude detecting objects).

Detecting zones: factory setting (8 zones), can be divided into (1-24 zones) freely according to the requirements.

Bibration protection: adjustable (-99-99), can prevent false alarms caused by vibration interference.

Passing speed: can be adjusted from the fastest speed 100 people / minute to the lower speed, user-defined test speed


Counting function: Intelligent passenger flow volume function and alarm counting functions. It can record 20000 times

and store automatically.

Almanac: It can display year, month, day, hour and minute.

Time switch machine: the system can open and close punctually.

Encryption management: Prevent data being illegally modified or avoid abnormal work cause by wrong operation.

Application scenario: Customizable parameters

Back-up power: battery-powered (optional)

Networking function: Can be connected to the computer, to realize remote parameter setting / search function


Technical standard:

★ The electrical appliance is according to the EN60950 safety standard

★ The radiation is according to the EN50081-1 standard.

★ The anti-interference is according to the EN50082-1 standard.

★ Accord with GB15210-2003 metal detector national standard



1. ApplIed to government law enforcement departments: public security bureaus, procuratorates, prisons, work camps, detention facilities, addiction treatment centers, all places that need metal security inspection.

2. Applied to social and public places: sports venuesn entertainment venuesDisco, dancing hall and so on), airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, customs, banks, exhibition halls, museums, oil depots, power stations, entrance security check for all kinds of public places.

3. Suitable for the production-oriented enterprises: electronics (chip circuit boards, memories, hard drives, mobile phones, MP3s, voice recorders and electronic devices, etc.), wires and cables, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewellery, cigarettes, drugs and cartridges, industrial and mining, metal products, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and its processing industry or related to a variety of important enterprises that need security checks.

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