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XLD-T06  Acrylic RF System / Wide Aisle RF System

XLD-T06 Acrylic RF System / Wide Aisle RF System

上市日期: 2014-04-14

Alarm Sound: Buzzer, 90db at 1m ( 3.3ft )

MechanicalSpecifications: Height 1620 mm ( 5.31ft )

Material:Clear Acrylic

The Wide Aisle system is specially designed to ensure superior detection for wide aisle installations. The detection range can be up to 2.0 m (6 ft) with the appropriate 8.2 MHz labels or tags. The child-proof design of the Wide Aisle shows an overall appearance which is both pleasing and robust.
The Wide Aisle System is fitted with the latest optically (wired) slaved transmitter and a receiver using sophisticated digital signal processing. This ensures that the signal of disposable labels (hard-tags) can be reliably distinguished from potential noise sources and guarantees maximum detection performance, yet minimizing false alarms. The system is fully compatible with all 8.2MHz hard tags and disposable labels.
For retailers to whom maximum system detection range is critical, along with contemporary appearance, the newly designed Wide Aisle is definitely the system of choice.

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