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XLD-8065D X-ray baggage machine

XLD-8065D X-ray baggage machine

上市日期: 2017-12-20

Product parameters:

Tunnel size:800(L)*650(W)mm

 Conveyor Speed(m/s):0.22

Conveyor Max Load(kgs):200

 Conveyor height(mm):305

Unit weight:800kgs

 Unit size:4278(L)*1481(W)*1191(H) mm 

Generator:2* 160KV, oil cooling, one from bottom to top, one from left to right

Penetration:Typical 40mm steel, guarantee 38mm steel

Wire Resolution:Typical AWG40, guarantee AWG38

Quick details:

* MTBF: More than 10000 hours

* Drugs and explosives inspection

* ATD - Automatic Threat Detection

* Windows operating system, dual energy

* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis

* Threat alert and material classification

* Japan Hammatsu detection and UK Sens-tech board

* Two generators, two view perspective dual energy imaging

X-Ray dosage /inspection:Typical 3.2μGy/h, guarantee 4.2μGy/h

Boundary Leakage:Typical 1.5 μGy/h, guarantee 2.0 μGy/h

Power consumption:Max.1.5 KVA


Film Safety:Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film

Computer:CPU:  G1610 2.6G, hard drive 500G, Storage 2G

Display monitor:Dell or Acer, 17" LED screen, resolution 1280*1024 

Operation System:Windows XP

Operation Table:Screen console

Image Enhancement:1-64times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative,high/low penetration, organic /inorganic, Stripping, general enhancement, and pseudo color,etc.

Image Archive:Up to 100,000 images stored automatically, enable transferring to USB disk, and converting to JPG, BMP, XF, PNG, TIFF, GIF six formats.

Image Recall:All preceding images re-callable,retrieval.

Other Functions:Time/date display, counters, user management, system-on/X-ray-on timers, power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, dual-direction scanning, system log, system standby and stimulant training, ADS etc.

Network Applications:Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and windows platform, such as image centralized storage and identify, recheck workstation, and network TIP, etc ( Optional).

Operation temperature/Humidity:0C‐45C / 5%-95%(non-condensing)

Storage temperature/Humidity:-40C‐70C / 5%-95%(non-condensing)

Operation Power:220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz           

100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC (optional)

XLD-8065D X-ray baggage machine

XLD-8065D X-ray machine technical parameters meet the technical conditions stipulated in the national standard “Micro Dose X-ray Security Inspection Equipment (GB15208-94)”.

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