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Anti-theft system design book

日期: 2013-02-19
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1,  Anti-theft System Introduction


Over the years, the business as effectively as possible in order to enable devices to reduce losses, has been engaged in a wide range of exploration and practice. A study showed that the British Library (bookstore) and theft problems than we originally imagined more serious. The amount of annual loss of up to 350 million U.S. dollars, or British men, women and children close to 7 U.S. dollars per share. Similar studies have shown that each of the first nationwide loss of nearly 9 million books, the library opened in 2800, when almost an hour lost. Public and academic libraries are losing books, a monthly average of the 67 worst when up to 2000, seriously affected the open-shelf borrowing and sales.


Currently on the market to see books on anti-theft system is roughly the product of three different principles, namely principles of electromagnetic theory and acousto-magnetic, radio frequency principles. Different principles of product labels are mutually exclusive pass, and using what kind of anti-theft system, the label also must be different, but the device using the same principles of consumables (labels) basically the same. Sound system with radio frequency magnetic theory theory system uses a high price tag, and label large, concealment is not strong. In contrast, the labeling system uses electromagnetic principles of lower price point, greatly reduces the user supplies the input, and the labels are thin and small, concealed, can be repeated charge degaussing. To deal with theft of the most effective, and each library (bookstore) and can be borne by the budget is to install the electromagnetic (EM) monitoring systems, so that will not affect the library (bookstore) in operation, but also to reduce the losses will keep the book more than 95%.


2, management style:


Using the method in accordance with sub: Man book diversion and the total import and export methods.

2.1,A man book shunt (see below) this method can be used magnetic stripe, and the teller station to be at the door.

People will book on the cashier s table, from monitoring the channel through the middle, in the cashier s station to take the other end of the book, if the person found in possession of library books, monitor alarm.

2.2, the total import and export of means of this method must be washed degaussing of the cashier s station may not have at the door. People will book on the cashier s station to pay the administrator, the administrator after finishing procedures, degaussing, the reader can bring the borrowed books from the monitoring of the middle passage, and if the person found in possession of the library (bookstore) and failure to procedures for processing book, by the monitor alarm. You can use a general import and export of several Yuelan Shi.

3, the system shows


The basic system consists of transmitting antenna (gate), the receiving antenna (Mun), alarm host, sensing magnetic component. The antenna emits electromagnetic waves, right to protect the book placed in a special magnetic monitored. If the use of degaussing of charge required to use rechargeable degaussing device. There are generally configured to pick up instrument.

Detection of the door: by launching a door frame, one or (2) to receive the composition of the door frame, launching gantry center to receive the door frame arranged symmetrically on both sides of the formation of two channels, the buyers from the channel and out of bookstores.


Alarm (alarm host): the detection of the door with special wires to connect.

Magnetic Induction: There are permanent magnet type and degaussing rechargeable type, users can choose. When the door channel by detecting the magnetic sensor that is alarming.


Book tester: used to check whether the magnetic strip or magnetic strip book whether the alarm sensitivity.

Filling degaussing device: means the use of composite magnetic strip on the book for storage magnetizing; degaussing can simply book filled with magnetic stripe on the ceramic ware can be dragged across.

4, installation requirements and notes


4.1, the installation requirements

In consideration to the library (bookstore) layout a lot, so I am in the company s programs can be adjusted in the future related to the issue of the program for the design of the program. For reference only.

A, Library (bookstore) open the door inward (vertical view):


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