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Mr Lai product in Guangzhou in South China Equipment Program

日期: 2014-04-08
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Mr Lai product in Guangzhou in South China Equipment Program

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Xin Rieter XLD-II (plant-specific economic-type) digital metal detector gate performance and features and how to use

The role of product: for an electronics factory, the main role is to prevent the employees the company s products out of metal-containing plants, or plant the use of tools for the important metal-containing components such as the loss.


Function Description:

Product Process:

Imported synthetic material, once suppressed by the special arts and crafts made of moisture, fire.

Infrared Technology:

Through the infra-red sensors, mechanical interference ability.

6 detection zone:

6 equal portions overlapping regional distribution of detection can be multi-zone spaces at the same time alarm display.


Adjustable area sensibility:

Between the self-regulation can be 0-99 sensitivity, according to the user demands the removal of the actual sensitivity and carried by the body jewelry, belt buckle, metal zipper and so on. The maximum sensitivity can detect metal objects the size of the clip.


Statistical functions:

Intelligent and Statistics by the number of personnel and alarm times.


Easy to operate:

Operation panel for the thin-film panel, high-brightness display panel can directly display alarm area, precise location of the instructions have been exploratory items, and have sound and light alarm simultaneously.


And network function:

Can be used more than one grid, distance is only 35CM


Password protection:

Set authorization, password manager, allowing only authorized personnel to operate, which can effectively prevent others to modify the parameters.


Harmful to human body:

On the human body, the heart pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic floppy disks, tapes, video tapes and other sound.


Easy installation:

XLD Series metal detector gate is a combination of design, easy installation and removal, operating instructions easier to understand.


Technical parameters:

Power Supply: 220V

Power: <30w

Size: 2200mm (high) X800mm (W) X500mm (D)

Channel size: 2010mm (high) X700mm (W) X500mm (D)

Machine Weight: about 80kg

The working environment: -20 ℃ - +45 ℃

Standard: GB15210 "-through metal detector gate"

Accessory products Photo:


Performance and features:

* With holster for easy carrying

* With charging function, charge time 4-6 hours

* When voltage is not enough, the light does not shine or no alarm sound

* Sound of light and optional vibration alarm instructions, demands for quiet or noisy environment, an environment can be used in headphones

* Has a low sensitivity to exclude small pieces of metal operation buttons, only to detect large metal objects, while for small metal objects are not the police, mainly applicable to the airport, hardware, belt factory class to exclude the first time to use this feature


Technical parameters:

* Dimensions: length 410mm x 85x 45mm

* Power Supply: standard 9v alkaline batteries stacked

* Alarm mode: sound and light synchronization and optional vibration alarm

* Product Weight: 409g


Products in the use of specific methods:

Metal detector gates can work, only 220V power supply can be installed security doors within the vicinity of 2 meters can not have large metal objects. If outdoor use to build anti-canopy.


According to the actual use of your factory floor, and requested the building of anti-canopy structure and use the following


The total quantity of security doors installed 4 sets

According to the actual situation in your company to have four security gate entrance channel, respectively, according to the principles of aesthetic and practical,,,, security doors on both sides of the region away from the security gate on the left or right at 0.2 meters on each side to place a width of 0.3 meters of personal items slide .


Security door to use:

If the factory was producing less metal content, according to strict requirements, the best staff uniform work clothes, the human body without any metal, can do very precise detection.


If the factory was producing large metal content, and less demanding circumstances, it can rule out the belt head, mobile phones, but in certain circumstances is everyone s personal belongings, the number of different, it is necessary to determine an approximate amount of metal ( such as: a mobile phone, a bunch of six keys, a belt buckle) in less than the amount of this metal can pass, multi-metal content of this staff, security, digital display and warning lamps in the District to determine which parts of metal more than the standard metal volume, and then hand-check the alarm site.


The best way is to place a test platform for personal items or slide, easy to carry workers items (such as coins, keys, cell phones, cigarettes, etc.) removed from the security gate outside move over or glide to improve the adoption rate of staff and testing the quality of the underwear for female employees wire the main problem is the security gate the sensitivity fell to the fourth location can not be measured, but there are a small number did not wear underwear with a wire in terms of female employees could be hiding, etc. the amount of metal, but according to my practical application of all the company s clients, the behavior of female employees is relatively superior good, only as a deterrent effect, the main test object is male employees, as long as the third part of its belt location sensitivity can be reduced, if there are alarm reported under police probe into the bit with the hand-held inspection, or the conduct of regular or irregular sampling.


4. If you require a higher accuracy of detection, it will be separate men and women of different security door checks were carried out in different sensitivity settings.

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