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Pharmacies anti-theft design

日期: 2013-02-19
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Pharmacy, one of the installation of security instrument design: separation of people and drugs.

A need equipment: anti-theft device, double-sided adhesive permanent magnetic strip, magnetic strip naked, single-sided plastic magnetic strip bar codes.


Second, run the steps


1, first of all put into the need to control the inside of the kit, or quote the permanent magnetic strip on a 6-8CM.


2, anti-theft door and cash register needs adjacent to install. Customers choose the right drugs to bring to the checkout payment processing procedures, the customers come through the security door, thus to check whether there are customers who have not paid the cash register drugs.


3, the cash register after the drug again from the side of the security door from the cashier handed the customer, because the kit is mounted inside a permanent magnetic strip, it is not through the security doors.


4, features: magnetic low-cost, no magnetization, degaussing. Suitable for small and medium sized pharmacy.

Pharmacies install anti-theft instrument design of the two: People and Drugs from the same


A need equipment: anti-theft device, charging consumers sensitive instrument, degaussing board, double-sided adhesive composite magnetic stripe, bar codes composite single-sided adhesive magnetic strip.


Second, run the steps


1, first the need to control the kit or a quote on the inside into the 6-8CM composite magnetic strip.


2, the customer to bring drugs to the cashier when you apply for loan formalities, cashier sensitive instrument, or the use of write-off Degaussing board "get rid of Min" function to eliminate the sensitivity of magnetic stripe kit in the customer and then to carry drugs through the adoption of anti-theft door, police would not have had. If a customer found in possession of drugs do not eliminate-min, after anti-theft door alarm time will be.


Third, features: easy to manage, easy to operate, cashier and security doors do not need to put together.


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