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发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 11
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1. 6 detecting zones2. Aluminium Alloy frame 3. LED lamp indicates the alarming position4. Couting the total people crossed and alarming times5. Economic style6. With CE certificate
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 11
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Product process: Imported synthetic material, after the special craft a suppression and become, moistureproof, fire prevention. Infrared technique: Benefit from the infrared sensor, the ability of mechanical interference was improved. Six detecting zones: All of the detecting area was divided into six equal pieces which interlaps, so different zones can alarm and light at the same time. Intuitive dispaly: The LED alarming light for each zone was built in both sides of the bilateral pillar. Alarming time: It can be set 1~8 Second,you could press corresponding number. Alarming volume: It can be set 1~8 degree,you could press corresponding number. Alarming tone: There`s 8 tomes to choose,you could press corresponding number. Regional sensitivity is adjustable: The sensitivity can be adjust be...
Display LCD Display Power self-checking Function Upon starting up ,the system will automatically diagnose whether the operation is ok or not Automatically display the content of  system malfunction Operation Method 1)Chinese/English menu function for choice 2) Computer remote networking.   Speed The fastest speed: 100 people per minute .Detection speed of user-defined   adjustment. Backlight Time Adjustable continual display time: 0 to 99 Seconds Calendar Minute , Hour , Day Month and year . Detecting Zone Multi-zone and signal zone for your option according to requirements(default value: 1 zones ) Zone Performance 1) Partition zone of Digital metal detector according to the body structure 2) Networking with overlapping detection methods ,eliminating the detection ...
Feature character ·display panel :it adapt 5.7 inch LCD LCD screen display. ·boot-strap automatic examine function,when you boot-strap,the system will automatic examine and diagnose circulate of working station is in gear or not. when the system is in trouble,t The display screen will automatic display the contents of failure. Operation of system:Chinese/English menu selective function ,computer long-distance unite Net operate mode , data mainframe panel figure operate mode,infrared remote control figure Operate mode,the user can select single and multi of operate mode,friendly mutual people and c Computer operate interface ,windows style.detector zone position :8/10 zone position detector ,according to multi-distributing of metal objects .and it can alarming in multi z...
Characteristic & Function Self-diagnosis: When turn on the detector, it will diagnose itself automatically. Sensitivity adjustable: Each zone has 255 degree sensitivity (Sensitivity level 0-99,Three patterns: High,middle ,Low ) Using Electro-Magnetic Fields Technologies, sensitivity to ferrous and non-ferrous metals ,especially to ferrous metal Digital operation keyboard on the base unit 5.7 inch LCD screen,both Chinese & English program, easy to operate. Infrared remoter controller Six/Eight mutual over-lapping detecting zones for option; Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones; LED indicator light on both door panels,visable alarm simultaneously to ascertain the layout of metal articles Microprocessor control on top unit, anti-interference and self-diagnose transmission channel to a...
Display LCD display Boot self-check function After booting, the system will automatically diagnose to confirm if the equipment running condition is normal or not. (2) System failure content will automatically display if there is a breakdown. Operating system (1) Chinese/English menu option (2) Computer remote network operating mode (optional) (3) Friendly interactive human-machine interface, WINDOWS style Passing speed The detection speed can be adjusted from the fastest 100 persons / minute(custom detection speed adjustment). Background light time 0-99s. Display time can be continuous adjustable Calendar Display of year, month, day, minute. Detection zones Single or multi accurate alarm zones can be set up according to the need (default value: 5 zones). Zone performance (1) Detecting...
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