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发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 11
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1. 6 detecting zones2. Aluminium Alloy frame 3. LED lamp indicates the alarming position4. Couting the total people crossed and alarming times5. Economic style6. With CE certificate
发布时间: 2017 - 12 - 11
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Automatic signal conditioning: the most advanced automated environmental monitoring program, auto-matching of system parameters, truly free from system adjustment. Manual signal conditioning: capable ofconfiguring the system manually in the complex field environment, strong adaptability. Wireless synchronized signal technology:  capable of selecting different synchronization values by adjusting the frequency synthesizer, the interference on the frequency is staggered, andthe channel is more broad. High-precision digital filtering technology: fourth-order digital filter technology, multi-level filtering processing of signals, effectively improving the range and efficiency of tag det...
Automatic signal conditioning: the most advanced automated environmental monitoring program, auto-matching of system parameters, truly free from system adjustment. Manual signal conditioning: capable of configuring the system manually in the complex field environment, strong adaptability. Wireless synchronized signal technology: capable of selecting different synchronization values by adjusting the frequency synthesizer, the interference on the frequency is staggered, and the channel is more broad. High-precision digital filtering technology: fourth-order digital filter technology, multi-level filtering processing of signals, effectively improving the range and efficiency of tag detection. Intelligent display technology:Various parameters can be displayed and both LED multifunction process...
Single set of equipment s maximum induction distance(Related to installation of electromagnetic environment and the label) DR soft label: 1.4M, Hard label: 2M Work mode: Mono and one Transmitter,one Receiver two modes software conversion. Installation: Plug and work,With controller inside,easy to install Function Introduction: Novel appearance, Solid, HIPS material; Soft label detection is excellent; Resisting aluminum foil shield. Suitable for supermarket,drugstore, and cosmetic store
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