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mage processing   Detail enhancement, super enhancement, spatial display,anti-color, contrast stretch, partial enhancement, pseudo colorImage enlarge Optionally scan parts, continuous zoom, magnification of 1-32 timeImage storage Automatic storage, Select the storage , Image retrieval ,Format conversion (bmp , jpeg ,tiff and so on)USB interface makes your imaging external storage easilyUser management   User rights management add or delete user's account, operation privilege setting.Auxiliary management   Time and date, people counting, working chronograph, operation log, maintenance & diagnose ,X-ray beam TimerOthers  Photograph, suspect information inputting, video recording Main Features of the body security anti-th...
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发布时间: 2014 - 04 - 21
Technical specifications   Electric current: 220V Power:   Outer frame: 2200mm(h)X800mm(w)X500mm(d) Outer frame : 2010mm(h)X700mm(w)X500mm(d)   Weight : about 70kg work envionment : -20℃- +45℃   Complied standards: GB15210-94         Function and characteristics: Six detecting area: Allocation of six mutual over-lapping detecting areas, accurately ascertain the location of the metal articles Alarm area indication: LED indicator lamps are built in the side of every alarm zone. Thus, it is more obvious and accurate to indicate the position where the metal article locates on the people. Adjustable area sensitive: The maximum sensitivity can detect such metal as small as a clip . With a sensitivity range of 0-256, the detector can exclude jewelry, buckle...
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1, the strategic concept of a: the positive and in Clipsal

Meaning: the basis for strengthening enterprise management and continuously improve the enterprise's core competitiveness; in-depth study of competition laws, the adoption of innovative competitive strategy, core competencies into a competitive position in the initiative and advantage to enable enterprises to obtain long-term competitive advantage .

2, the strategic concept of two: first after the bigger and stronger

Meanings: a solid market position, solid management doing a good job within the basic work, focusing on economic growth and continuously improve asset quality, operational capacity and capacity development to control the excessive growth of costs to maintain financial stability, to achieve effective growth of the rain the scale of increase in tandem to enable enterprises to achieve a going concern.

3, a management concept: contingency management

Meaning: leadership considering various factors, factors and conditions under the main factor, because people from place to place, because sometimes different, the flexibility to choose the way the management and decision-making to fully mobilize and harness the enthusiasm and creativity of the leadership.

4, management philosophy 3: market-oriented style of rigorous emphasis on timeliness

Meaning: the market as a starting point to meet customer needs and carry out all the work. The use of scientific decision-making process, strictly rational arrangement of work, accurate, timely and profitable delivery of products or services that customers need to gain economic benefits of sustained growth.

5, Management Concept 4: Institutional everyone is equal before the

Meaning: no one can become a system of exceptions.

6, organizational concept I:

Meaning: have the responsibilities, set goals, set limitations, will be jobs, and personnel.

7, organizational concept 2: Developing Team Spirit

Meaning: Staff journey unity, mutual help, mutual trust, conduct an open exchange of communication, give full play to each person's strengths to achieve common goals; different sectors to achieve the overall objective of a pro-active resource and information sharing, access to the whole synergies.

8, organizational philosophy 3: To establish a learning organization

Meaning: Enterprise set challenging goals, and create a learning and encourage a culture of innovation, growth and self-care workers need to do business and the employees continue to learn the application of new management ideas and advanced technology to enable enterprises to ahead of the competition to achieve a lasting competitive advantage.

9, the quality philosophy: quality of life business at the time

Meanings: a high degree of attention to product and service quality.

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