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发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 16
发布时间: 2017 - 09 - 16
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Automatically adjust signal: It has the latest automatic environment monitoring program, automatically matching system parameter. Manually Adjust signal: It ‘s adaptable, can be manually adjusted in some complicated environment. Wireless Synchronization Signal Technology: You can choose different synchronization value to avoid frequency interference by adjusting frequency clutch.,more frequency for selection High-precision digital filtering technique: The fourth-order digital filter technology to take multi-level signal filtering,Improve tag detection range and efficiency. Intelligent display technology:can display the parameters of the various aspects and both LED multi-function the whole process shows. Man-machine interactive design:Infrared remote control to operate,operation easy ...
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Product DescriptionXLD-D18  Antitheft Detector adopts 3D sensing technology, can promptly sense electronic labels omni-directionally. This antitheft Detector can be assembled densely, such as one entrance can support up to 10set side by side, its widest identifying width up to 95cm. The antitheft detector is widely applied in entrance of library and archives.
Appearance marks: LOGO + Barcode Inspection frequency: 58KHZ Specification: 45.21mm×10.67mm Material structure: Outer shell: polystyrene (0.3 mm thick) Resonator: Amorphous magnetic materials (iron, cobalt, silicon) Tablet: density polyethylene polyester (0.127 mm) Adhesive: double-sided rubber adhesives, 0.140 mm thick in total, 80 oz/m  minimum peeling strength Lining mat: Double-sided silicon gasket Applicable environment: Temperature: -30 ºC ~ 65ºC Storage life: no more than 196 hours under 65ºC and 80% humidity; 24 months under 15~32ºC and 50% humidity. Bearing pressure:External magnetic field:Packing specification: 108pcs/plate, 5000pcs/box (285mm*200mm*118mm, 2.98kgs/box Usag: Do not cover the product description.Paste without direction.
Usage: Security personnel check suspected goods with active labels or tags; Manufacturers detect labels and tags; Tally clerks check labels and tags.   Product name: Handheld EAS detector Power supply: 9V alkaline battery Undervoltage indication: When the battery is lower than 7.56 V, under-voltage red light will flash but still work. Technology: DSP digital processing chip, SMT assembly, carbon shell Size: 200mm×90mm×30mm Weight: 0.1kg Color: black, ivory Power supply: 9V alkaline battery Undervoltage indication: When the battery is lower than 7.56 V, under-voltage red light will flash but still work. Technology: DSP digital processing chip, SMT assembly, carbon shell Color: black, ivory Function description: Handheld EAS detector, a kind of non-touch detecting device, can ...
Mainly used for detecting frequency Parameters of transmitter PC: Transmitter center frequency(8200+-50Hz) Adjusting R15 Potentiometer can change this parameter. PS: The main frequency signal of transmitter (150,160,170,180Hz), factory setting is 180Hz. Not connecting synchronized wires in order to avoid same frequency interference. Transmitter s scan width (1000+-50Hz) Factory setting is usually arround 950Hz , when it is the wrong. Frequency of this parameter can be changed.Aadjusting R14 will change the parameter
Scope: applicable to libraries, bookstores, shops and all kinds of audio-visual and audio-visual materials printed theft, anti-theft magnetic gap in a book, the hidden nature of good, easy-to-use and low cost. apply to drug stores, into a port in the magnetic stripe 6CM-8CM can effectively control the loss of drugs, for aluminum foil, tin foil security equipment has a protective effect on the same drugs. apply to clothing stores, clothing hard to fit on the sign or placed in a box mounted magnetic stripe suit, you can solve the problem of lost clothes. applicable department stores, cosmetic stores, food supermarkets, where the goods into a magnetic stripe or in the package of goods posted a magnetic strip, you can achieve the purpose of anti-theft devices, liquid products can be used ...
Digital technique, with computer chip adopted, and automatic double control of amplitude frequency Excellent performance, with small detecting dead angle and high alarming rate Low cost of use and low cost of consumables Fiber synchronous anti-jamming technique and DNR/SSS technique adopted, with extremely low erroneous reporting rate Extremely low cost of application Very good invisibility
Specifications:  Adopting single chip microcomputer control technology, it can prevent strong magnet being taken into stores, to effectively eliminate the phenomenon that magnetic stripes are degaussed in order not to be detected, and minimize the losses. Can set up sensitivity according to the environment.Easy and flexible to operate. With the function of automatic monitoring of the surrounding environment. One-key reset makes the equipment running in the best state  With passersby number and alarm number statistical functions. Data can be saved, even if the power is blackout. Humanized design: elegant generous appearance, rich in modern breath,strong abrasion resistance, deformation,flame retardant engineering materials. Comprehensive sensitivity: adopting electromagnetic anti-...
Digital technology: using computer chips, amplitude frequency automatic double charged; Good performance, samll blind angle, high alarm rate; Low cost Using optical fiber synchronous anti-jamming technology and DNR/SSS technology, low rate of false positives Excellent concealment Detecting width:single channel: 0.7m— 0.9m(Associated with the magnetic stripes) Wide-range in application Supermarket, library, bookstore, pharmacy, cosmetic shops, open-shelf markets
magnetic compatibility: compatible with all types of security EM magnetic stripe, can be monitored over the magnetic stripe 6CM. channel width: the use of magnetic stripe, the channel can be achieved from the 80-90CM, the use of hard tags from the channel to each 100-120CM.  comprehensive sensitivity: the use of electromagnetic anti-theft technology, the small blind, integrated in more than 98% sensitivity.stability: the stability of high-performance equipment, anti-electronic jamming ability, the general effect of electronic noise immune, the aluminum foil, foil packaging of goods also have protection. dual alarm; When magnetizing the magnetic stripe through the monitoring channel, the sound and lighting system provides a warning signal double; adjustable alarm volume set the size an...
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