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 XLD-EM-01 Book Pickproof Instrument

XLD-EM-01 Book Pickproof Instrument

上市日期: 2014-04-18

Working voltageAC 220V~245V

Rated power≤15 W

Scanning frequency10 hz

Detecting widthSingle channel 0.7m— 0.9m related with magnetic strips

Exterior dimensions146cm×55cm×4cm

EM-01 Commodity Pickproof and Inspection Instrument has referred to massive digital technique, with stable performance, reliable quality, high sensitivity, and extremely low erroneous reporting rate of product.

Wide Applications

Bookstore Supermarket, Library, A&V Store, Drugstore Supermarket, Cosmetics Supermarket, and Various Open Test Sales Marketplaces

Technical Indicators

Main materials:Top-grade furniture materials


Main-body color: Timber grain, white, silver gray, brown, and self-determination as per requirement


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